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What is a spruce?

A spruce is a quick cleaning service for your house or apartment. Order a spruce when you need your house cleaned up but you don’t want to do it. We will come to you with our own cleaning supplies and take care of all the regular cleaning tasks for you. Maybe you’re busy with work or projects, maybe you would rather spend the time with friends and family, or maybe you just want to spend your weekend in bed binge watching tv - no matter what the reason, no one likes cleaning their house. Let us come do it for you!

Just tell us the things you want done and when you want us to come. Your Sprucer will take care of everything and leave your home cleaner and healthier until you want your next spruce! If your home hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it may take a couple spruces to get it just right. We only provide a basic cleaning service, so if you’re looking for a deep cleaning or move out cleaning this probably isn’t the right service for you. Our sprucers only clean the specific items ordered, they cannot take requests for additional services. If you have any other questions about our service please contact us at

Why spruce?

Ordering our service is quick and easy. We won’t waste your time with quotes or packages. You order what you want when you want it. Our Sprucers follow standard procedures to clean each item so no matter what Sprucer you get, we guarantee satisfaction. Our Sprucers get paid by the job, not hourly, so they want to complete all the items you ordered quickly and efficiently. If your spruce doesn’t meet your expectations just give us a call so we can make it right. guarantees you a safe and easy experience with our Sprucers. We carefully select, background check, and train each Sprucer before they come to your home. Our insurance covers any potential risk or accidents that may occur during a Spruce. We also screen our Sprucers and clients for Covid symptoms and enforce strict prevention guidelines during cleans to ensure everyone’s safety.

Who do we spruce?

Our sprucing in LA has just begun. We are currently only serving the DTLA area. If you live in

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We can spruce your home!

But if you don’t see your zip code here, check back soon because we are expanding quickly! We can also notify you when we start serving your area. Name, Zip Code, Email

How do I get spruced?

Ordering our service is quick and easy. Select services, Schedule and Checkout!

  1. Click on “Order a spruce”
  2. Click on each of the rooms you need spruced. You can check the box on the room bar to order the whole room package or you can choose to only order the specific items you want. Some items are extra add ons that aren’t included in the room package, but you can add them onto your order when you need them! All orders are required to be a minimum of $85.
  3. If you want more than one bathroom or bedroom cleaned, you can adjust the number on the room bar.
  4. Once you have chosen all of the items you want spruced, just click “schedule” in the upper right corner.
  5. Now you can choose when you want your sprucer to come. First choose the date from the calendar that will work best for you. After you click on the date, it will show you all the available times you can choose from on that day. Based on your spruce’s “estimated service time”, choose the best time to fit in with your schedule.
  6. Next click “Review” and you will see all the details of what you ordered, how long it should take, and when it is scheduled. Just fill out your contact and payment information here along with some good instructions for your sprucer to get into your home.
  7. Here you are also creating an account that will save your contact information for the next time you want to login and order another spruce. Just click “submit” and your order will be booked! You will see a receipt confirmation from us in your email within 24 hours from booking.
  8. If you have any problems or need to cancel or reschedule your spruce just reach out to us at
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Why We're Different handles all your basic weekly housekeeping and we make it easy for you. Most companies want to have consultations or give you quotes and estimates, but we have standard, transparent pricing for everyone. You can order exactly what services you want from our spruce menu. We will never charge recurring fees or sign you up for a subscription. The price you see is the price you pay. We also don't charge you hourly or pay our cleaners hourly. They get paid for each item you order so they will always complete everything to your satisfaction.

Background checked sprucers
Professionally trained sprucers
Follows all CDC Guidelines
Extraordinary customer service
Transparent pricing
No hidden fees
Easy cancelling or rescheduling
Satisfaction guarantee

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